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“The perfect balance between great food and a comfortable intimate atmosphere.”
– Sway magazine

The Key to Room Service

The key to Room Service’s success is based on three philosophies: exceptional food, exceptional service and exceptional ambiance. We feel that combination of these three components provide value and a unique dining experience for our patrons.

Our menu is diverse and our food is filled with layers of flavours. You can also enjoy freshly made juices (even better with a shot of rum!) and our one-of-a-kind wine-infused bread pudding that keeps our guests coming back for another piece.

With staff dedicated and driven to succeed, we have perfected the art of customer care. All of the managers at Room Service are pleased to serve the needs of our patrons, from answering any questions they may have, to booking an event or just trying a sample of something off of the menu before they order.

We look forward to serving you soon. Welcome to Room Service.